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As you approach retirement age, ensure you have a specific vision of what you want to achieve. Will you retire in place or move to a sunnier location? Maybe you’ll travel the world? Whatever the destination, it’s critical to build a plan that connects your life goals with financial strategies that can help you work toward them.


“To build and protect your nest egg, investors need to consider a plan that manages risk as well as opportunities,” says Tony Farina, an independent advisor at Capital Advisors Wealth Management in Yakima, Washington. “We ask our clients lots of questions so we can understand their objectives and better determine the next steps.”


We’re in the midst of a historic intergenerational wealth transfer. While the intricacies of legacy planning can’t be ignored, there’s also an emotional side that’s equally important. Now’s the time to have an honest conversation with your children about money and values—to help them make the decisions that let them pursue their own goals even while receiving financial support.


“Investors can build a plan that provides for their children, but it’s just as important to make sure they’re emotionally prepared to receive that wealth,” says Contey Smith, an independent advisor at Elwood & Goetz Wealth Advisory Group in Atlanta, Georgia. “That’s ultimately a values-based consideration, and it’s different for every family.”


Bottom line: A good way to make sure you are financially ready is to work with an independent financial advisor who puts your interests first. The quarterback leading your financial team, they’re your first call when the markets or your life circumstances take an unexpected turn.


An independent advisor can help you develop a customized wealth management plan that’s aligned with your life goals and values—and that gives you a holistic view of your assets. They can help you see around the next corner and provide a steady hand on the wheel during turbulent times.


Ready to learn more? Explore to discover the benefits of customized wealth management with an independent financial advisor.


We offer our gratitude to the independent advisors who contributed their time and valuable insights: Tony Farina of Capital Advisors Wealth Management in Yakima, Washington; Contey Smith of Elwood & Goetz Wealth Advisory Group in Atlanta, Georgia; and Joseph Zappia of LVW Advisors in Pittsford, New York.


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